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A casual bit of Web surfing in Dubiel turned up an interesting hypotheses. The name Dubiel, in all its fullness, appears on several web pages dealing angels and demons. It appeared as DUBBIEL, DUBIEL, and DOBIEL. 

It appears that Dubiel (and variant spellings) was the Guardian angel of Persia and once officiated in heaven as a stand-in for Gabriel. He was also referred to as the “bear-god.” But Dubiel became corrupted through national bias (favoring Persia) and was expelled, Hence, he is a Fallen Angel.


The most interesting part of this is its inclusion in the Talmud (Yoma 77a)

I find this interesting for at least three reasons:

1) The name appears in all its starkness, no additional endings or prefixes.

2) Poles did adopt Biblical names, certainly first names (Adam) and a few surnames.

3) There was a great intertwining of Polish and Jewish culture throughout the history of Poland, certainly since the 15th century, when a great number of expelled Jews entered Poland.  

I have searching for leads on how the fallen angel story could have some link to the surname Dubiel. So far I have only established that the names Dubecki, and Dubetzki have roots in the Russian dub (“oak” once again), this being in the Ashkenazic Jewish tradition. Interestingly enough, the name Dubi (patronymic) in the Sephardic Jewish tradition (those descended from Jews expelled from Spain in 1492) has dubb as its root word. According to Jewish Family Names and Their Origins: An Etymological Dictionary (Guggenheimer and Guggenheimer), dubb  has the Arabic Sephardic meaning of “bear.” 

Perhaps all this is far-fetched , but I’ll continue to look in the area of Jewish genealogy. This will be quite an adventure as well as a learning experience. I am also interested in locating Jewish Dubiel families.